How to Change A Company's Active Members Seat Allowance


Admins can limit the number of office seats allowed to Active members of a company. This setting is a precaution when a company's Contact and/or Billing persons are allowed to add team members. It also helps admins control access to the space through integrations by forcing companies to fit into a specific limit, i.e. the number of office seats they’ve purchased.



Enable 'Members' Directory Management Through the Member Portal' in Settings/Platform Modules.

dir management.png

How It Works

1. Navigate to Community/Companies and open a company profile.

2. In the left panel, enable the Active Members Seat Allowance toggle.

3. A number field opens where you can enter the number of seats allowed.

4. Click the checkmark when you're done, or the X button to cancel the operation.


If you want to change the number later, hover the cursor next to the Current Limit label and click the Edit (pencil) icon.


In The Members Portal

Once you set a limit on the Admin side, the current seat allocation vs total capacity is shown in color-coded counters on the Account/Team Members page of the Members Portal:

1. Below 80% → Blue

2. 80% and above → Red


Limitations In Effect

If the limit has been reached (e.g. you’ve added a limit of 10 from the Admin, but the company has 20 active members), Members Portal users will be prevented from having more active members by adding new ones or changing existing ones to Active.

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