Temporarily Block A Meeting Room


It's possible to temporarily halt bookings for a meeting room, which comes in handy during renovation, maintenance, or any other reason. There are two different approaches:

Change the Meeting Room Privacy Setting to 'Limited'

This approach will hide the meeting room from members, therefore preventing bookings. It also gives you some flexibility - you can keep the meeting room open to specific members, companies, and members with selected plans. Keep in mind that the meeting room will remain visible to admins.

Navigate to Space/Meeting rooms and click on the Meeting room of choice.

Meeting rooms.png

In the Edit Meeting room dialog that opens:

1. Click on the Calendar tab.

2. Toggle the Privacy setting to Limited.

3. (optional) Select any companies, individual members, and/or members with selected plans that you'd like to keep the meeting room open for.

4. Click on Update.


From the Booking Calendar

In the following example, you will create a recurring all-day booking for your admin organization that runs throughout the workweek. You can define other periods too, i.e. daily and monthly. The outcome is that the meeting room will appear to be perpetually booked and other members won't be able to book it.

1. Navigate to Calendar.

2. Click on the 'All Day' slot under the Meeting room of choice.


In the New Booking dialog that opens:

1. Select the Company and Member.

Note: You can enable or disable 'Select Member' as a required field from Platform/Calendar & Bookings.

2. Enter a title (i.e. 'Freeze bookings')

3. In the From field, choose today's date and set the hours from 00:00 to 00:00. You can see how this setting looks in the screenshot.

4. In the Preparation time field, enter 0.

5. Click on the Repeat checkmark and choose 'Weekly' from the drop-down menu. After that, make the booking repeat every 1 week. You can see how these settings look in the screenshot.

6. Select the workdays of your facility. For example, if your facility is open Monday to Friday, you'll place the checkmarks accordingly.

7. Make sure the booking end date is the same as the start date you chose in Step 3 above.

8. Click on the 'Free' checkmark.

9. When you're finished, click 'Book Now'.


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