Space Management Basics


You can use OfficeRnD's interactive floorplans to represent your office space in an intuitive and meaningful way. Floorplans can be based on your original floor plans (in CAD, PDF, or image file format) and let us add a few interactive layers on top. Then you'll be able to select desks, offices and other resources to move them around, assign them to members and companies, and color-code their availability status.

How to Get Started?

  1. Import - the import process is handled by our team. Just send us your plans at  As soon as we upload them, you can review what we created and edit bits and pieces by entering into 'Design' mode from the toolbar.
  2. Map - map the floorplan shapes to resources - desks, offices, meeting rooms.
  3. Assign - assign members/teams to the available resources.

Map Shapes To New Resources

Explore the default resource types or add new resource types. When you have all resource types available in the system, you can use the floor plan shapes to create resources (applicable when you haven't created any resources under the Space module so far):

  1. Navigate to Space and click on Private Offices.
  2. Open the floorplan by clicking on the cogwheel next to an office and choosing Find on floorplan.

  3. Select a shape and click Add.

  4. Define the General resource properties:
    • Name  - specify a user-friendly title that identifies the resource. 
    • Type - pick a resource type.
    • Location - location is only available if you have more that one location and it is pre-selected based on the floor location. 
    • Floor - the floor is automatically applied.
    • Target - a target plan that describes the target monthly price and the deposit of the resource. 
    • Size - office size in number of desks or square footage. The size is only applicable to office-like resources and is important for occupancy calculation. Without the number of desks added, the system won't be able to show you the occupancy percentage for the office.
    • Availability Period - select the period of exploitation for the resource.

  5. Describe the Calendar resource properties if you are mapping a bookable resource:
    • Rate - select a resource rate to specify booking charges. 
    • Description - add a user-friendly description to help users better understand the specifics of the resource.
    • Image - browse and locate an image source that you want to display as a preview of resource on the members portal and public calendars.
    • Color - apply a color to differentiate the resource on the members portal and public calendar.
    • Privacy - configure the visibility of the resource to members:
      • Full Access / Public -  Select this option to make the room available to all members and non-members and make it visible on the public calendar. If you want to further configure the visibility, deselect the option to see the next privacy options.
      • Active Members -  Select this option to make the room available to only active members. If you want to further configure the privacy options, deselect this option.
      • Select members - Add members to make the room available only for the selected members. Leave the field empty to make the room available for admins only.
      • Select plans - Add billing plans to make the room available only for members with the selected plans.

  6. Click Add (or Update).
  • All desk shapes can be assigned to dedicated desks, office desks, and hot desks.
  • All zone and room shapes can be assigned to meeting rooms or private offices.

Map Shapes to Existing Resources

  1. Open the floorplan of a location floor.
  2. Select a shape and select a resource from the No resource list available in the right-side panel. 


Change a Shape Mapping

  1. Open the floorplan of a location floor.
  2. Select the shape.
  3. Click Change to change the mapping.


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