How to Add Services/Extras that People Can Choose When They Book a Meeting


Meeting room bookings are controlled by resource rates. To find out how to create and configure resource rates for your meeting rooms, take a look at the How to Create a Resource Rate tutorial.

If you already have resource rates created, you can edit them to add extra services such as coffee or a facilitators kit that your members can request upon making a booking. 

How to Add Extra Services

1. Navigate to Billing & Products/Plans.

2. Click Add Plan and choose One-off.

one off.png

3. Set the Type to Service.

4. Add a name and a price for the service.

5. Click Add to finish.


6. Navigate to Billing & Products/Resource Rates.

7. Click on the resource rate for the meeting room(s) you want to add extra services to.

8. Click on the Extras dropdown menu and select the services you’d like to have here.


The services you list in the Extras setting of the resource rate will be displayed in the booking dialog with checkboxes so that members can select if they want to purchase an additional service. Depending on the price you apply in step 4, the service might be complimentary or charged on top of their booking.

Note: When your members are purchasing Extras and Plans, their quantity can be only edited during the setup and not during checkout.

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