How are Day Passes Used?


In OfficeRnD, you can grant Day Passes to your members. These Passes can be used to limit the number of days that someone can enter your space. If the limit is reached, they will be prevented from entering.

This article will explain how day passes work, how they are used, and how you can customize the use of day passes for specific cases.

If you would like to learn more about what Day Passes are and how to grant them to your community, take a look at this help article.

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Using Day Passes

When a member checks in or out, the system records the time and date of the event. Once the system has both events recorded, it will take a day pass and mark it as Used.

If a Member is not checked out by midnight, the system will check them out automatically at the start of the next day.

While this will be done by default for some members, it needs to be enabled manually for others. Find out more about this behavior below.

When is the Use Day Passes Option Enabled Automatically?

The Use Day Passes option will be automatically enabled when:

  • The member purchases a monthly membership that grants Day Passes, or
  • A one-off service that grants a set amount of Day Passes.

Members must also meet one of the following conditions:

  1. The Member or their Company has no active memberships.
  2. The Member or their Company only has memberships that grant Day Passes.
  3. The purchased Membership/One-off service does not require Approval. If a Plan requires approval from your admin team, confirming the Membership will not automatically enable the option.

If the Member or Company have any monthly memberships that do not grant Day Passes, the system will not enable the Use Day Passes option.

Using Half-Day Passes

If you enabled Half-Day Passes when a member checks out, the system will check the duration of their stay. If the period is shorter than half the workday (defined by the Business Hours you have set up), only half a Day Pass will be used.

The 'Use Day Passes' Option

You can find the Use Day Passes option in the profile page of each Member. The option is located in the General section of the left-hand side menu.


When a member has this option checked out, they will use up a day pass. If the member is not assigned to a Company, they will use up one of their Day Passes.

If the member is a part of a Company, however, the Day Passes of all members will be summed up and put together under the Company's profile.

Consequently, any member with the Use Day Passes option enabled will be using one of the Company passes instead of their personal ones.

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